The nightmare of rendition kidnapping, indefinite detention and gruesome torture has not gone away by having Bush leave office and Obama take over. Obama is making sure that his agents and lawmakers are above the law by upholding the Bush era proclamations concerning ‘state secret privileges.’ Obama is taking the very same position Bush did on state secrets. When the 9th Federal Court asked whether a change in administration had any bearing on state secret cases, the Judge was issued a stern warning that “Judges shouldn’t play with fire.” The Clinton administration renditioned and tortured human beings but they kept a low ‘covert’ profile, “don’t tell, just do it” policy. It was the Bush administration’s almost open bragging about kidnapping and torturing suspects that bitterly alienated massive numbers of people around the world. Now the Obama administration is back to the policy of double talk and sweet words while employing the logic of “We don’t torture..unless we have to.” The United States is a country that kidnaps people, takes them to other countries and uses scalpels to cut the glands of their penises and then hot, stinging liquid is poured in the wounds. People who yearn for humanity and a radically new world have to come to grips with a “torture ban” that doesn’t ban torture. US citizens have been drunk on Obama’Laid and mesmerized by the words of a suave, charismatic spokesman, hoping that his slick words will fulfill fostered illusions presented by the system of Imperialism and Capitalism. President Obama is the Commander and Chief of a system that faces unparalleled challenges, which needs military bases in 180 countries and to kidnap and torture anybody that stands in their way. The great crimes must not go unopposed least we be complicit with them.
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-Bill Gibbons
“I’m a Truth Addict, aw shit I got a head rush.” -Rage Against the Machine