President-elect Obama has appointed Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. The Organic Consumers Association has presented six major reasons why Vilsack’s appointment is a “terrible idea,” siting his support of genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Trans Ova (through the creation of the Iowa Values Fund), Iowa’s 2005 seed preemption bill, GMO agribusiness giant Monsanto, and his support of corn and soy based biofuels which drive up food prices.  Despite the news of Vilsack’s appointment and his support of large scale industrial farming, activists are asking Obama to appoint a White House Farmer to run the purposed White House Organic Farm. At the one may nominate a farmer of choice and list the reasons why this person would be ideal for the position. The list of nominations will be finalized on January 21st, Inauguration Day, at which time the voting process will begin. The top three farmers will be submitted to Obama’s administration.