As the media continues to focus on the sensational news stories of the day many have forgotten the struggle of the Tibetan refugees that still live without a permanent home. As many know, the Chinese military not only invaded the independent land some time ago but have successfully executed their plan of complete gentrification and cultural genocide of Tibetan land and the Tibetan people. And still, the US and many other nations rely on the cheap goods China produces for us, and still very little media attention and outrage can be found.

Recently a person close to me was able to make the trek to Dharamshala where a great deal of these refugees live in peace away from the frightful Chinese government. After a month of research and spending time with these refugees she is now ready present to the world her findings. This is the most recent update on these forgotten people you will find. Check out Michelle Aguilar’s video below and pass this information on. Be informed.

Capital of Exile from Blissful Wanderings on Vimeo.