Every once in a while you hear a sound bite of truth.  KQED announced this a.m. that Barbara Boxer said that Social Security would be better tweaked now to fix it for later on, but it is not in major difficulty and could continue to pay out for the next quarter century before change is necessary.

If I hear one more Republican say that we cannot continue to borrow 40¢ for every dollar we spend I will, well, scream, I guess.  I have been saying that for the last ten years.  However, as long as we were spending it on what they wanted, it was perfectly OK.  As long as they could give it to their friends and share it amongst themselves, it was fine.  Now, when we are trying to actually mind the store, trying to fix infrastructure, trying to repair our damage to the environment and take care of the rest of us, they get religion.

Or so they claim, but not.  They want to continue borrowing 40¢ on every dollar, but they want that dollar for themselves.  Their tax breaks for the rich spell that out loud and clear.

These people are looting this country.  They are no better than Mubarak or Qaddafi.  This country will never be healthier than it is right now.  Every minute these people chip away at all that is good in this country we die a little bit more.

The only thing I can suggest here is that we all just sit down— a massive sit down strike across the entire country.  That should not be too much of a problem since only half of us have jobs anyway.  Why should people with jobs just sit down?  The way the people in charge are going, those jobs are about to disappear anyway.  Their push is relentless.