As a college student, I suppose I should have fifteen of my own blog sites, but I don’t.  Trust me, I’m not against blog sites like Facebook, Myspace, and so on.  However, too many of the typical blogs are little more than soap operas – drama queens talking about each other and who they’re currently stalking.  So, why blog for The Daily Censored News?  Because I believe in the following:

1. Love as much as you can even when it will likely lead to suffering.

2. There is no such thing as a good lie.

3. Let your actions speak for your accomplishments – a comment about you is better when it comes from someone else.

4. Listen.

5. Enjoy the small things – family, friends, hobbies, sports, etc.

6. Eat well with the occasional treat – take care for your self because no one else will.

7.  Enjoy being active.  Walk, run, lift, swim – push yourself to be a better you.

8.  Let mistakes guide you.

9. Every once in a while do something unexpected.

10. Keep in mind there is always someone worse off then you – Self pity is weak.