I just want to send out a word of skepticism since someone said to me this morning that many thought it a very positive sign that Obama did not mention the TPP in his State of the Union.
First off, if Obama even uttered those three letters, his corporate backers would have crucified him summarily. Why you might ask? Easily 95% of Americans have not even heard of it. Think about it. What do our Economic Royalists fear the most from the citizens of this country? How about an in informed citizenry?
The Corporate Enabling Media surely hasn’t wasted any ink letting us even know about its existence. Imagine now if the President of the US uttered “TPP”, all hell would break loose. Americans would start asking questions_very dangerous prospects for the corporations. They much prefer our swallowing deeply the swill of entertainment news, celebrity gossip, sports, and other such non-political blather. Thinking and questioning Americans cause problems.
Here’s what he actually said: After arguing for “new trade partnerships with Europe and the Asia-Pacific,” Obama told Congress, “We need to work together on tools like bipartisan trade promotion authority.”
New trade partnerships with Asia-Pacific? Anybody see a connection between Transpacific Trade Partnership and Asia-Pacific.
You see later, when this further destructive liberal trade policy has been locked into our economic life blood, Obama apologists will say to many who will ask when did Obama ever even mention the TPP, that you weren’t listening and they will quote these words.
Obama, for three years now has been the drug pusher of this corporately written, no input from Congress, piece of legislation. Do we forget that as that drug pusher, he’s the one who’s pushing for FAST TRACK. It doesn’t take a great leap of intellect to know why, now does it?
This is the sinister cleverness of this “always the affable smiling president”. Every time I see him now and that broad Howdy Doody smile, it reminds me of the Jack Nicholson character in Batman, the Joker.
If we don’t exercise a little more skepticism, but prefer to be hoodwinked again, then the JOKE will be on us. This man CANNOT be trusted.
__Bob of Occupy