By Shah Baig

By the end of World War II, 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed, innocent civilians (Adam Roberts Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, vol. 52, no. 3, June–July 2010, pp. 115–136). This statistic has been  ignored by the media and the government of the United States to support the capitalistic establishment we call home. A homeland where liberty and justice are honored and worshiped. But also a  homeland where the basic fundamental ideas of humanity are lost and corporate needs are expressed and served through government. We area a Corporate America where money is more powerful then the state itself.

Since World War II, America has become the so-called “Policeman” of the world and in doing so has attempted to spread the words of democracy by  seeking to overthrow over 50 foreign governments. The most recent of which, being America’s invasion of Iraq, and the overthrowing of the Hussein regime.  Iraq was not a “war on terror”, to irradiate the world of a dictator, or to spread the voice of democracy. The US/Corporate motive was to strengthing political and economic  interests  in the Middle East, inside a large set of desires to exploit Western Asia of its resources.

It seems as though the government can control the minds of the people through the use of various terms to create an evil image regarding the new “enemy” target. The motive is to label each new “enemy” iwith derogatory terms to create a sense of fear and hate within the US masses.  This mass fear allows the Homeland forces of power  to set the stage to commit atrocities all throughout the world.

The Communists were evil people till we needed Joseph Stalin and he turned from enemy to ally. When this transition occurred and he became the friendly and good-willed “Uncle Stalin.” This is a prime example of how the government can uses a welling corporate media   to propel its agenda.

Now the focus has shifted to the Middle East, and the negative  rationale is any Muslim or person(s) of Arab decent must be jealous of our freedom and are “Terrorists.” The mass media is able to overpower the people by spoon-feeding negative  terms to the masses on a daily basis. Thus the Homeland forces of power paint a false and evil image of all people they are trying to target, creating a situation of fearful acceptance by the public that allows militaristic advances to occur. This system acts as a separate and advanced branch of government, effective enough to change the thoughts of a country and population. The general public fails to recognize that America itself has caused an outstanding number of ground zeros around the world. Hiroshima and the Blackwater massacre in Fallujah are recent examples. Not to mention the insurrection of the Philippines and the largest genocide of a people, The Native Americans.

It is now time to open your eyes, and the eyes of your brothers and sisters. A time where you must learn what is really going on in the world. A time where we don’t start to demonize a people for purposes not known to the general public. The public is enslaved by the media and the fast paced lives that are given to us. We are not allowed the time for free thinking or observation. This is a time where we must ask questions, and not take a fall for the benefit for a certain few. It’s only a matter of time before we bring the day of judgment upon ourselves, because we are pawns in a large game in which innocent blood and lives are played with.