Many people have started to speak up about how the major media outlets are covering the Iran post election events and with good reason. I have tried to watch the coverage myself  with frustration.  Even the more progressive news outlets are assuming that the election was an outright fraud with almost no reliable information coming out of the country.

That said, I would like to state that there is a glaring reason for this mis-information and assumption by western news agencies besides our on going bias of middle east affairs. The Iranian government has continuously suffocated any non-government  media. Why would they do this? There a number of possible reasons: For any “Democracy” to have validity, it is key that elections must have the perception of being fair (this may be one of the reasons why the first Bush election was not allowed to be contested). I argue that this is an important reason, but not the most consistent with the Iranian government. This is a completely separate  issue that must be tackled at another time.

In reality we have all the talking heads, news agencies, government officials, and bloggers talking about Iran, as if the situation can simply be explained. The truth is that no one except the Iranian government knows what is going on because of the blockade of reliable information coming out the country. It does seem suspicious that Iran supposedly has one of the most advanced web censoring technology around, and have taken it as far as cutting phone services.

Getting to the point, it is that with technology that the people will prevail. Look at the last US election election,  Obama undoubtedly used social networking technology to his advantage with overwhelming success. It might take time, but this transition of technology as a key voting tool will prove itself around the world.  Even if these events in Iran are “CIA backed” or a secret agenda of the elite, the people will prevail, and they will do it with technology. It is a war in itself to censor everyone and as recent events prove, all it takes is one missed step by the Iranian government to let a hacker or video slip through the cracks. I predect that this will be the norm, and governments like Iran will always loose the censorship battle.

In conclusion, if the Iranian government is going to continue to censor its people then our news agencies are once again left demonizing Arab culture. This is a revolution of sorts and it will not be televised. It will be fought by an individual sitting infront of a computer just like myself.  If the people want to their government to represent them, but refuse to change with the new generation, then they will get left in the dust. The revolution of technology may not be today or tomorrow but soon. Very soon.