by Bob Gorringe Occupy SF
Where should SF Occupy-Action Council (215 Golden Gate Avenue-2 PM every Sunday) direct its energy today?
There’s the issue of the Privatization of Education as exemplified in the austerity programs being crammed down the throats of San Franciscan voters and taxpayers at City College despite the fact that the citizens of SF voted for Proposition A with the clear intention of funding their teachers with full salaries, maintaining their classified staff, and not cutting classes or services.
Fraudulent Mortgage practices have forced the evictions of millions of Americans in this country. Occupy’s Stardust, Gloria Martinez, Sheryl, Lisa, and David Solnit among others have kept the focus on the banks in our community, especially Wells Fargo, who continue to foreclose and evict while they have received Public monies from the Taxpayer to bail them out for their gambling spree through easily the last decade. More than fifty-four San Franciscans are still living in their homes this year through the concerted efforts of the above named individuals and many others. So, let me get this straight. While the persons responsible for the Depression we’re in got their asses saved by the American taxpayer, millions of average Americans whose homes were caught up in a speculation scam by these very same banks, got the shaft?
And what about Student Loans? One trillion dollars worth and counting. More debt than all the credit card debt in this country. And all those students and now workers in the various industries for which they received their degrees cannot declare bankruptcy in this economy that is not providing them with jobs to pay off those loans, thus kicking in compound interest rates that increase their original loans exponentially. The only group of individuals in this country that cannot declare bankruptcy and are chained to their lending institutions till the end of their lives. And again let me get this straight. The American taxpayer would prefer to bail out the corrupt banksters who created this mess than their own fellow citizens who again got the shaft?
Corporate Personhood now enshrined by law through the convoluted rationalizations of a Supreme Court the majority of judges of which were corporate lawyers. What a coincidence!
After awhile when you see these issues lined up side by side, unless you’re devoid of a common sense functioning of intelligence, you start to see a pattern. The 99% of Americans in this country have and continue to be HOODWINKED, SCAMMED.
What’s it going to take to pry open our eyes and raise the anger quotient to a level where we take our energy into the streets of our communities, like the Greeks, Spanish, Egyptians, Bahrainians, Chileans, and Canadians have done? There’s no more space for complacency.
There’s no more space for pulling a lever, electing a representative, and going home blindly satisfied that you have done all this is necessary for your country and for your community. Just look at the people of the Board of Trustees of CCSF who we elected and then reneged on their responsibilities to us and shamefully conceded the full authority of destroying our Commons at CCSF to one man who represents the interests ultimately of the 1%, the Few and the Greedy, who seek to steal CCSF from the People for their personal for-profit interests.
The members of the Board of Trustees continue to hold meetings monthly in which a charade of representation, accountability, and democratic process flourishes on a scale only the courts of Louis Quatorze could match for its disconnect to the People Outside in the streets. Only one person, the autocratic henchman-apparatchik of the 1%, Robert Agrella, the Special Trustee, has absolute veto power and wields it with a conscienceless giddiness upon the lives of working people at City College affecting the entire community. And at the end of the day, collecting $1000 for his services, goes home to Santa Rosa, carrying his overstuffed carpetbag behind him.
It’s not like there’s a vacuum of issues of injustice that needs the attentions of the People out there. There’s just the will of the People to step up and Fight Back.
__Bob of Occupy