This month, August 8th, 2009, police officers from New York City’s 43rd Precinct raided the home of activist Juanita Young. She is Black and has been outspoken against police murder and brutality. Over a dozen plains clothes police officers broke down her door, brutally attacked Juanita’s oldest son, James Ferguson, sexually assaulted Juanita’s oldest daughter, Saran while she held a baby in her arms and arrested seven people, including Juanita’s two young daughters. There is a long history of the police persecuting Juanita Young and her family. She is the mother of Malcolm Ferguson who was shot and killed by plains clothes police in 2000. Last year a jury acquitted Juanita of phony charges the police had made against her when they brutalized her in her own home in 2006. Juanita Young has bravely and tirelessly struggled against police brutality and murder since the killing of her son. The police and the courts have ruthlessly hounded her because of her outspoken stance against injustice and police terror. In 2003 her ex-cop landlord evicted her without any notice. When she was in the process of being kicked out of her home she was arrested. She was arrested at an anti-war protest in 2005, and again while pigs were responding to a call for an ambulance at her home for one of her daughters. Juanita Young boldly led a rally outside her home after the last vicious police raid, to speak out against the attacks and police oppression in general, then the rally marched to the 43rd precinct to hold another speak out in front of the police. Juanita told Revolution Newspaper: “They’re going after my children to get me—it’s like they’re saying, ‘We killed one and we can take them all.’ But they are not going to make me shut up.”

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-Bill Gibbons
“I’m a Truth Addict, aw shit, I got a head rush.” –Rage Against the Machine