Three things are coming together that spell the end of the United States, as we knew it.  Those elements are the Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited spending of undisclosed amounts of campaign spending by corporations, The massive financing of the “Tea-Party” by the Koch brothers, and the Diebold promise to provide a voting machine that permits anyone from rewriting the election results.  We can add to this the fact that we just had a decennial census and the party that is in control after November will be able to redraw electoral districts to favor their party.  That means that if the Tea-Party or the Republicans take the power a number of things will happen.

Congress will extend the tax cuts for the rich.  But don’t worry, they will only be in effect until they can adopt the “Fair Tax.”  The “Fair Tax” is very regressive and only “fair” to the upper class, while it devastates the middle and especially the lower class.  Congress will Privatize, or otherwise get rid of Social Security.  Then they will get rid of the health care bill.  The insurance companies will rule and the masses can forget getting even basic care.  Medicare will probably also disappear.

The only industry that will flourish is the Prison industry.  The prisons will be fully privatized and then they will put more people out of work by employing prisoners in whatever jobs are still there.  This will work wonderfully for the prison industry because they will not have to pay their new “employees” much at all.  By putting more people out of work, they push even more people to break the law to survive and then, of course, they end up working, inside the prisons, until the lower classes live and work in prisons and the elite upper class live where ever they please.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the ride.   Do you call yourself a Tea-Partier or Republican?  Unless you have a couple million in your portfolio, you can eventually look forward to living in one of those nice new prisons.  Be careful what you ask for.