The Mosque of Misdirection

August 26, 2010

Lew Brown

In May of 2010 blogger Pamela Geller, a particularly strident former editor of the New York Daily News and Associate Publisher of rich boy local rag the New York Observer began to shrilly complain, about the renovation of a defunct factory a couple of blocks away from the stinking hole that still festers at Ground Zero.  Spurred by the apparently riveting nature of her blog the moon beam media over at Fox and various other outlets of ill repute, have allowed her cries against the “Mega Mosque” to snowball into a ridiculous storm of protest.

Over the last month who has not heard of the “controversy”, surrounding the opening of this Islamic cultural center?   Geller is perhaps best known as a wing-nut, anti-everything except for Zionists and Neo-Cons (fine line of distinction there) who has been busted many, many, many times in her various columns for fibbing, hate mongering, stretching the truth and outright lying.  Her career as a professional liar and hate-monger really took off back in 2006 when she “took it off” to support the Israeli’s Governments efforts at “self-defense” in the Gaza Strip.  Dubbed, “The Bikini Blogger” Geller has rapidly become a darling of extreme right-wing conspiracy circles.  She has also been found to be most useful by those who, behind the scenes, pull the strings of marionettes like her as they continue to strive towards their version of a better world, a New American Century-without the America.

Geller’s basic command of the English language, middle-aged sex appeal and willingness to bend over for any association with money or power are enough to gain her support in the right-wing hate machine.  That support leads to the attention of higher ups in the food chain, creatures like John Bolton (the notorious Sasquatch) who long for a world without a U.N., poor people, Muslims or anyone for that matter who doesn’t share their love of Sasquatch grooming techniques.  Bolton helped the little darling with an introduction in her opus, co-written by another fine American activist, Robert Spence, entitled –you know what, I’m not going to tell you the title because the book coincidentally came out in July of 2010 just as the whole Mosque thing got started.   So no doubt the brouhaha over the “mosque’ does help Geller directly in that she can sell more crappy books detailing how Obama isn’t really an American, a Christian or….even actually human (you know he IS the Anti-Christ).  I am not going to tell you because, frankly, that’s not the real story.

Enter the real puppet master behind this nonsense, an old hand at manipulating the media and a master of the universe of the first degree.  A man who was an insider in the Bush administration and one of the signers of the Project For a New American Century, the neo-conservative pact that calls for making the American government capable of being drowned in a bathtub (like Paul Wolfowitz’s love child with Bolton back in 88, but that’s another story).  Enter, Frank Gaffney who cut his baby teeth in ancient Senator “Scoop” Jacksons spook filled staff that included Neo-Con larvae such as Richard Perle (actually busted twice for passing information to Israel) and Paul Wolfowitz.

Frank Gaffney Jr. served as an aide to “the Senator from Boeing” directly under Richard Perle (there is no truth to the rumor that Perle used to ride Gaffney like a donkey through the pages dressing room after hours-none at all).  Gaffney was such a good bottom-bitch for Perle that he was asked to slither over to the Defense Department during the Reagan Administration to serve under Perle as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy.  Later Gaffney’s handlers attempted to promote him to a higher position but the Senate refused to confirm a former blood-donor to the Prince of Darkness for any position higher than that of, well blood-donor to the Prince of Darkness.  So in a fit of neo-conservative creation Gaffney prayed to Satan and Satan answered with a load of cash from a variety of extreme conservative hate-mongering groups including the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation, the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation and the William H. Donner Foundation to establish a “fair and balanced” organization called the Center for Security Policy (CSP).

Let us cut to the chase-Gaffney is a tool of evil.  His career has been a long one in which he promotes hatred of foreign cultures and total war as a solution to all problems.  His organization is the registered owner of and has been tirelessly putting that Geller creature on a pole to lap dance for the teeming masses against Obama and the Park51 cultural center.  Why?

The bottom line of every decision of the neoconservative “movement” is a determined push to bring about a global Apocalypse that collapses the social order and enables the few who fund their rhetoric to (after the smoke, gas and radiation clears) stride the earth like gods.  Period-that’s it in a nutshell and the whole Ground Zero Mosque brouhaha is ginning up the disenfranchised members of the Tea Party movement for a hate-fest on the 9th Anniversary of  9/11.  In fact they will be so fuming with anti-Islamic hatred and a deep love of their country that they probably won’t even notice the fact that while they are there, at Ground Zero, there is NO DAMNED BUILDING!

And that my friend is the misdirection.  Let’s follow the money shall we?  Let me get my chalk board out here;  now Larry Silverstein, noted New York property owner, Zionist benefactor, developer, snappy dresser and (according to my confidential sources) a singular son of a bitch when it comes to business negotiations.  Larry becomes the first private owner of the World Trade center in July of 2001 for a paltry sum of $14 million from his personal stash.  The rest of the money, 111 million dollars, came from Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre.  Chump change for this guy, he probably made more in a year off the drug deals going down in his Runway 69 night club in Queens and his properties in Hell’s Kitchen-but you can’t prove a thing!  At any rate Silverstein gets a sweetheart deal on the WTC after Vornado-the high bidder on the contract-backs out of the deal.   Larry, or rather his people, spend weeks negotiating with the umpty-nine insurance companies to include specific provisions against jet liners slamming into the towers.   He then hires a top former FBI agent, perhaps the most knowledgeable man in the country regarding Middle Eastern terrorism and a man who was being pushed out by the Bush Administration for being a little too good at his job, to manage security for his buildings.   The deal was that O’Neil HAD to be there on the 11th, and he was-it was his first day of work for Lucky Larry.  Then, poof-the buildings go down like a pair of IHOP pancake stacks into a smoking, stinking hole in the ground.  O’Neil was still there, on the 22nd when they found his body at the bottom of the south stairwell.

That moment in history left “Lucky” Larry Silverstein with a windfall beyond comprehension.  Now Larry already owned Building 7, and those who are skeptical of official reports in regards to 9/11 have long pointed to the fact that Silverstein, on national television, uttered the phrase, “Pull it” in regards to that building.  The implication being that Silverstein had prepared demolition charges inside of Building 7 prior to the terrorist attacks.  Well, it is interesting that only two of the three jets hit their targets that day, the one that went down in Pennsylvania may well have been aiming for WTC 7 but missed.  Now imagine if you had taken part in this ridiculously enormous operation and something that big got screwed up at the last minute.  You would have to act quickly to cover your tracks with all of those cops and firefighters on the scene, wouldn’t you?  So <poof> down comes Building 7 and whatever evidence it held.  But no worries for Larry, it was insured!

The social facts of this debacle are pretty sticky.  Silverstein is connected; yes I mean it in that mobster way, connected to the neoconservative movement.  The Neocon “movement” represents a toxic stew of twisted and regurgitated philosophies derived, primarily, from Nietzsche but liberally seasoned with pompous self-righteousness and moral ambiguity by Leo Strauss   Neocons are the ultimate hawks, seeking global war and privately devoted to the rise of the “Superman”-at the expense of us lowly cattle.  Larry and his partners went after a real estate deal that would have seemed to be nonsensical, the Towers at that time were ridiculously full of asbestos and most likely worth about…nothing!  Larry’s only stated reason for buying the things-in a sweetheart deal ordinary people can’t even imagine-was that he just, “felt an overwhelming and compelling need to own them”.  Odd statement to be sure, but with his connections at the Port Authority, the political elite of New York, the Bush Administration and Israel, Silverstein wasn’t silver, the dude was pure gold.

Now Silverstein and his partners are pure platinum baby.  So while the neo-con mind control machine gears up the true-believers in the Tea Party for a hate fest at Ground Zero-where they will rail and rant against Islam and no doubt attempt in their comical, over-the-top way to call for revolution and paint Obama as a space alien overlord-the money keeps on coming in for Mr. Silverstein.  He may well watch the spectacle from the $700 million dollar rebuilt tower 7 that houses his offices.  He may even watch it with his buddy Rupert Murdoch, or maybe he will have some of his other investment partners over to laugh at the gullible rednecks.

Between the initial tax breaks and “favorable financing” that Silverstein had on the Building 7 from the 80’s and the combined windfalls of $475 million bucks in Liberty Bonds he received to rebuilt it, an insurance payout for Building 7 itself at $835 million Larry doesn’t even need to rent the property to be rolling in it.  In fact he refuses to even negotiate the high rents he is asking because, “I have the staying power and the ability to do what I need to do”.   Larry’s other insurance policies, the ones fiercely negotiated in the few weeks before the attacks, have thus far have totaled $4.68 Billion-Larry was shooting for $7 billion arguing that he should be paid out twice because, there were in fact, two planes.   Let’s not forget to mention the ongoing claim Silverstein filed in 2004 against the damned airlines (pretty much every one of them from American to United) and airport security companies asking for $12.3 Billion.  That lawsuit may be as frivolous as the one filed against him back in 1993-the one that alleged Larry was profiting from Laotian Heroin being sold out of his strip-club property.  No matter how you slice it though, Lucky Larry is doing just fine. He doesn’t even really need that $300,000 a day shakedown he gets from the Port Authority for every day they don’t have the foundation work completed.

But there’s good news, Silverstein has finally reached another billion dollar agreement and, by 2015, there may actually be a building at the site (barring any catastrophe that may or may not occur to benefit Larry on 2012).  But what the hell, he may as well keep on raising issues and lawsuits and delays because money doesn’t grow on trees you know.  Nope, money grows apparently from the seeds of a national tragedy and crime of historic proportions.  So you go to Fox News and the MSM, you keep on shouting about that cultural center two blocks away and we will not even notice what’s happening at Ground Zero.  Now go drink your Kool-Aid.

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