I was planning to take the whole day off, but this morning I made the mistake of going online and watching the History Channel’s short video about Independence Day. It concluded with a laughable claim that an act of bureaucracy gave birth to our Nation.

Watch it while you can. I’m sure that it will disappear once everyone sees this laughable attempt to claim that we should be thankful for bureaucrats. After all, bureaucratic control is freedom, right?

The History Channel also claims that Americans revolted when the King subjected them to “increased control over Colonial affairs.” Now, I’ve read the Declaration of Independence a few times, and it seems that the History Channel’s description of the reason for the Revolution is a little weak and also differs significantly from the reason that had been commonly used, taxation without representation.

We used to hear that the Revolution was due to taxation without representation, but it appears that has been changed for some reason to increased control over Colonial affairs. I can think of a few reasons why the MSN might want to alter this perception.

Could it be due to the recent extraordinary increases in government spending, much of which went to the banksters who defrauded millions of Americans of their homes and life savings in spite of widespread public opposition to the bank robber bailout? For more on that, see Senate Bailout a.k.a. Bank Robbery Bill

Could it be due to the proposed significant tax increases designed to benefit those same banksters who will control the “market” for carbon usage trading allowances which also has significant public opposition including that of the founder of the Weather Channel as well as many scientists and economists?

Could it be due to the proposed health care solution which will benefit the insurance, pharmaceutical, and hospital cartels and which will also result in a large, but generally unmentioned, tax increase which also has significant public opposition?

Hey, don’t those plans also result in increased government control over the affairs of Americans? Perhaps the Ministry of Truth should come up with a new reason for the Revolution other than taxation without representation or increased control over our affairs. Here’s an idea. What if they convinced us that bureaucratic control was good? After all, bureaucratic control is freedom, right? I have to congratulate those “great” thinkers at the Ministry of Truth’s department of the History Channel. They came up with a short video that may work wonders in molding the perception of many clueless Americans.

By the way, if you read the Declaration of Independence, you’ll find that justice is mentioned more than taxes and that the courageous men who signed it were much more concerned about the unjust and inhumane treatment by the King, his courts, his “law” enforcement also known as soldiers until the mid 1800’s, and his bureaucrats. Here’s a link to the Declaration of Independence with key provisions highlighted.

Are we a government of, by, and for the people or one of, by, and for the rulers? If you can handle the truth and you want to know just how free you are, see Why does the U.S. government torture people?

For more on how our rights to control our government have been undermined and what we need to do to restore liberty and justice in America, see the speeches by Patrick Henry and me, and don’t miss the links below the video.