Every single day I read a new story about how the Republicans are gutting [pdf] one program or another and crushing rights for one group or another. Here’s just a small list that I’ve compiled.

The GOP guts regulations requiring adequate rest for pilots because the bottom line is all that matters.


The GOP plans to cut $1 trillion in medicaid. During the health care reform debates, the GOP constantly talked about how it would kill the elderly. Now, the GOP is planning on doing just that. They are stripping funding to a program that would keep the elderly alive.

There are also many issues considering women’s rights that are being proposed at the state and federal level. 30 states are restricting abortion rights. The bills are moving quickly through state legislatures.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is monitoring 362 abortion bills in this legislative session; in 2010, 174 bills were tracked.

Some bills would block public or private insurance coverage for abortions, others would ban most abortions 20 weeks after conception, and others would require pregnant women to have ultrasounds before having abortions.

South Dakota, Virginia, Arizona, Minnesota, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama, and Idaho are among the states that are introducing the most draconian anti-women laws.

Apparently, women can’t make decisions for themselves anymore and we need government to step in and help us poor fragile ladies. According to H.R. 358, women shouldn’t be allowed to make any decisions concerning her health either. The Protect Life Act would allow hospitals to deny emergency care to a pregnant woman who needs an abortion to save her life or preserve her health. As fragile ladies we should now fear going to an emergency room.

H.R. 3 would also force women to prove to the IRS that they were sexually assaulted and had an abortion because of rape or incest. It’s disgusting to think that Congress is even considering such a proposal.

Throughout much of America, the GOP are Christians and they don’t believe you have a right to your own body. In Idaho, religious doctrine is dictating law.

Idaho’s bill, however, also fails to include exceptions for rape, incest, severe fetal abnormality or the mental or psychological health of the mother. “Only when the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life or physical health could a post-20-week abortion be performed.”

state Republican lawmakers found plenty of reasons to advocate for it. State Rep. Shannon McMillan (R) argued that women who were impregnated under “violent circumstances” should have no choice because it’s not the fetus’s fault. State Rep. Brent Crane, the bill’s sponsor, took it a step further. Believing that “tragic, horrific” acts of rape or incest are the “hand of the Almighty,” Crane said women should trust God to turn the consequences of their sexual assault into “wonderful examples”:

In Idaho, it doesn’t matter if a person is atheist, agnostic, buddhist, etc., the mighty hand of the Christian god is dictating law in that state. Unfortunately for the women of Idaho, the bill passed 54-14, with Governor Butch Otter expected to sign it.

Africa is revolting. The Middle East is revolting. Mexico is beginning to revolt. Why do we, who are supposed to be the bastions of freedom, continue to sit on our asses and do nothing to try to make actual change happen?