Despite what one thinks, there is a vast difference in the mindset of the left and the right in the United States, yet they somehow always seem to be angry at any sitting president who thinks differently than them.  The left was angry for the last eight years and often despised former President Bush.  The right is also often angry and despises President Obama.  Both sides have spoken of impeachment and suggestions of violence.  This time, however, it seems that there is an element within the Republican party that is speaking of violence louder and with more hatred than I’ve ever seen before.

While neither president is perfect, no president ever has been, there are concrete objections and objections based on opinion.  During the Bush era, the left felt that George W. Bush broke many laws.  Some of these laws were legal; others moral.  They also were confounded by the logic he used to justify his actions.

The right feels that they are justified at being angry at President Obama, but their feelings are just that.  Their dislike of the president is based on opinions, unproven statements, and, sometimes, imaginary hatred.  This is one of the fundamental changes I see in politics over the last year.  Feelings are being turned into rhetoric and that rhetoric is starting to turn violent.

The fact is that President Obama has not even been in office for a year and people want him dead and a military coup to take place overthrowing the entire government.  They forget that the things that George W. Bush perpetuated upon the United States took eight years to create.  It was Bush’s policies that led us to Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was Bush’s policies that allowed Blackwater/XE, KBR, and Halliburton to do all the illegal things they’ve done.  It was the republican party that pushed for all the deregulation that led to the bailouts.  Former president Bush enacted indefinite detentions.  He and his cabinet approved torture techniques that were formally agreed upon, worldwide, that were completely unacceptable.

This is the nightmare that President Obama has inherited.  It is insane to even suggest that he can fix things in 10 months that took 8 years to build up.  You can’t just walk out of a foreign country and expect things to change.  We destroyed two countries.  Even if everyone agreed that we should not be there, we cannot simply turn the Middle East into a Vietnam and abandon those we promised to help.

Over the past few months, it has been revealed that George W. Bush felt he was waging some sort of religious war against the Middle East and proceeded to try to convince other countries’ leaders to join him in the fight.  He even got other leaders to lie about the details of an illegal war in Iraq.

Both sides are right to be angry at President Obama for his continued stance and expansion of FISA.  I have also written about FISA before.  President Obama’s actions on this matter are inexcusable.  However, calling for a military coup or the death of the president is completely outrageous and idiotic.

Yet, there have been calls for Obama’s death since before he even received the nomination for president from his own party.  I hear daily of what people want to do to him.  We even have people quoting bible verses and putting them on tshirts, mugs, and bumper stickers, hoping that he will, somehow die.  Fortunately, places like zazzle recognize this craziness and has banned them.

Keep in mind that kooks were also calling for Bush’s death too.  For the record, there are kooks and nuts on both sides of the political spectrum.  I am, however, more afraid of people showing up at rallys with assault weapons, all screaming the same angry statements of death than a whacko with a fake guillotine.  Still, it is an amazing fact that one can bring their assault rifle to a political rally and be allowed to roam freely, whereas, during the former administration, words were considered to deadly that free-speech zones were erected (democrat and republican) and numerous, unjustified arrests were made.

What the right needs to learn is that the Palins, Limbaughs, and Becks of this world thrive on controversy, even if they have to make it up.  They are actors on a grand stage.  They create malicious thoughts, place them in the minds of their listeners and then let the masses spew forth ill-informed hatred.  If most people could just get past the rhetoric, we could, instead, pursue lines of questioning for our current president and hold him accountable for his actions, something no one seems to want to do for any previous president.

We should never listen to just the vocal minority.  We need to return to looking at all sides of an argument and obtain informed decisions.  Until we can do this, sniping at one side or the other will do nothing but divide the country further.  And always remember, those in power don’t care about Democrat or Republican.  They don’t care about left or right.  They don’t care about you or me.  Keeping us divided is in their interest.  Until we stop choosing sides, nothing will ever change.

I didn’t like President Bush.  I thought he was immoral, dishonest, and destroyed most of the good will the USA had built up.  I wanted him impeached.  I never advocated killing him.  I did fight against every bit of privacy he has taken from me and every American.  I still fear the losses to my privacy in the name of security.  It’s been all theater and has harmed me more than helped me.

I’m still not sure what to think of President Obama.  I’m extremely disappointed in some of his policies, for example FISA and health care, yet I also recognize that he has not been in office for a full year yet.  Change happens slowly.  Running a country is not a like a fast food restaurant.  I have patience, but it is not everlasting.

These opinions, by the way, are all mine.  Any vitriol should be directed towards me.