By guest writer and talk show host Brian Stetten of Akasha Radio out of NY. 

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Take a look at what Brian wrote about plans the corporate elite have for us and also Comcast, a racket if there ever was one:


The corporate elites at Davos Conference are coming up with great new ideas that can further transform us into a new type of slave class.

Get a load of this…The capitalist class are recognizing that the consumption is definitely not sustainable and climate change is a real problem. Their solution?

What is called a ‘Circular Economy’…the capitalist class not only owns the means of production, but they also own all the products as well. We would simply rent the products…that way, they get to own EVERYTHING…you are the renter you give back to owner for recycling, you get to rent something else, but you never own it…the corporation owns the product. No longer would they have to focus on building products with planned obsolesence. In the circular economy, the 1% not only succeeds in owning most of the world, but also quite literally the shirt off one’s back as well…

Comcast: a criminal media operation and why we need more Akasha Radio stations

Comcast seems to continue to screw me up with its lousy service in this area…accidently cutting off Internet access one day with a system upgrade, and killing off their phone service by accident on another. These issues are supposed to be fixed today, but I’ve rather had it with this company that trades under ticker CMCSA and is valued at $145 billion.

Let’s look at what Comcast is doing to our society. Comcast has been very complicit in aiding the government’s NSA department with its ‘gather everyone’s communication info.’ program. They seem to be more than anxious to help the government play Big Brother. Along with Verizon lobbied and successfully got a Federal Appeals court to kill Net Neutrality. This means that Internet Service providers will be able to determine which sites the user will have easier access to…ultimately, this means that the companies like Comcast and Verizon will be determining the Web user’s experience much like they already determine the Cable TV user’s experience. Congressional Democrat Henry Waxman has introduced a bill to counter this and re-introduce Net Neutrality…hopefully this bill has some succes otherwise activist Web sites will be on a second tier of service becoming invisible to the average Internet user.


CEO of Comcast, Brian L. Roberts, made over $29 million last year….the poor character who was trying to help me on the phone with Comcast services was in a call center in Columbia admits he is making less than $9 a day. The result of the trade agreement Obama passed a few years ago with Columbia…management in the United States will be able to sync better with call center management in Columbia because they are in the same time zone giving a distinct advantage over usage of call centers in India or the Philippines. Also, businesses get to enjoy poor labor laws in Columbia. Unlike America where a powerful union leader demanding higher compensation for workers can be a real headache to management, it is not uncommon for a labor leader in Columbia to start his car after morning coffee, only to have it blow up.  Anyway, as Brian Roberts is only concerned with the valuation of his stock and seems to care little for employees, customers, or even the very fellow citizens of the country his company is headquartered in, I propose Brian Roberts redistributes his pay to his underpaid employees and some to a special refund to disgruntled customers (there must be a lot because his service SUCKS!!).  Then Brian Roberts should be removed from his position of CEO and be given a more proper job for his skillset…perhaps managing night shift at a McDonalds or something….