The United States Joint Force Command recently warned against the “rapid and sudden collapse”, of Mexico due to criminal gangs and the current drug war.  The major criminal activity is tearing the country apart.  Drug cartels are even targeting Mexican Government officials; at least the ones that haven’t already been corrupted.   Many officials have already been assassinated.  Death tolls in Mexico are at an all time high and people are literally being killed while walking the streets.  There have even been reports of public decapitations.  U.S. citizens have been heavily advised against traveling to Mexico until further notice; i.e., until after Mexico collapses and is taken over by another country.

These warning come as no surprise to anyone who has been following Mexico’s downward spiral brought on by their economy and the idiotic ethanol movement.  If you feel left out of the loop and haven’t heard about the conflict in Mexico, or its apparent “imminent collapse”, don’t feel left out.  News stories about the events in Mexico have not been easily found in U.S newspapers over the last six months.  That can either be due to not enough people caring, or the fact that the U.S. helped cause the collapse by pushing ethanol in the fake fight against global warming.  Mexico is just one example of the damage we have done to other countries by trying to “save the planet”.  Ethanol has also lead to the world-wide food shortage and famine.  The ethanol movement has been particularly damaging to Mexico.  I love Mexican food; quesadillas, enchiladas, tamales, etc.  That is what I enjoy occasionally, but this is what the Mexican people eat daily and most of their diet relies on corn.  That corn has been wasted in the production of a worthless fuel that does nothing to help the planet and has left many countries to starve. 

What is most fascinating about the ethanol movement is that it is supported by complete dolts.  There is no evidence that ethanol is any better than gasoline.  The only real theory behind ethanol is that corn will last longer than oil reserves.  I guess that’s true once you kill half the world from starvation.  Actually, I have to take that back, if you kill half the world, then there would be less people using oil, making the oil reserves last longer.  Maybe that’s the true intention of “saving the planet”; kill the people “destroying” it.

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