The Brink of Genocide Again



We can not let this happen again

As the UN finally realizes that the DRC and Rwandan governments are sponsoring the same Hutu and Tutsi militias that were pitted against each other in the first Rwandan Genocide, time ticks away.  We can only hope that the U.N. security council will not take their time and deliberate over the matter to see if it is in their best interest to intervene. If the U.N. security council does bide its time and sits on its hands while a new government sponsored Genocide takes place in the region, you can bet the finger pointing will start. The fact is that the U.N. security council now has proof of government sponsorship of military involvement and must abide by the laws of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which states that a “conspiracy to commit genocide” is in fact punishable in the same manner as genocide itself.   Story below;

A UN investigation has presented the most conclusive evidence so far that the Rwandan and Congolese governments are fuelling ethnic militias fighting a conflict in eastern Congo that has created a humanitarian disaster in the region…


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