How do we stimulate the economy?  We do it by actively stimulating the economy.  How do we put people back to work?  That is simple, we put them back to work.  Do we wait for tax cuts to the rich to trickle down into jobs?  We do not have time to wait for a program that by definition “trickles.”  We need a stimulus package that puts people to work.  We cannot afford to run it through the states, where there are many politicians who are bent on making it fail just because the “other side” is trying to get the job done.  We need a Federal Jobs Program.

How do we pay for it?  We do not pay for it by extending tax cuts to the rich and famous.  When Fair trade agreements were signed, we were promised low cost goods.  Show me the goods.  That Buick built in Mexico cost as much as the one that used to be built in Flint.  Everything that was to have brought “us” low cost goods went straight into the pockets of the CEOs.  It is now time for Uncle Sam to make those CEOs empty their pockets and give some back.

Do we need to cut government spending? Of course we do.  We need to cut wasteful programs.  We need to eliminate programs that are not improving the well being of our citizens.  The first one that comes to mind is the program that is gobbling up $$$ in Iraq.  We have eliminated soldiers and replaced them with mercenaries who cost (ten times is easy to say, but) hundreds of times as much, as we try to protect oil contracts.  We need to get out of Afghanistan.  We have been there for about 10 years and we have NOTHING to show for it except thousands of dead and broken men and women, a leader who is corrupt, and a population that hates us.  Will it get better in a year?  Why would it?  What are we doing except more of the same?  We need to stop spending that money on this wasteful program.

I am not the only one who has been saying this.  Bob Herbert said it today.

You can’t have a coherent conversation about deficit reduction if tax increases are off the table and the country is still at war. This is fantasyland economics, the equivalent of believing that John Boehner can fly.

I am sick and tired of hearing about mandates.  There are no mandates in a mid-term election where more than half the country did not vote.  The government cannot always do what an uninformed electorate thinks it should do.  Government by consensus, when the people who are talking have a hidden agenda or worse, have no clue at all, is foolish.  Obama was elected as and by Democrats to get the job done.  That was a mandate and it is high time he got started.