The first blow has been thrown in the coming revolution.  A conservative Supreme Court justice in Wisconsin grabbed a liberal colleague around her neck in what appears to have been the first blow in this battle.  This bout was over union rights.  As much as the liberals have taken a beating by the conservatives I would have thought they would have been the first to say, “Enough!”  Except that this un-judicial behavior occurred, no one is saying a word.

Is any one else tired of the lies and liars? The GOP says we want to cut the deficit but they will not cut the single biggest contributor to it—the tax-cuts to the rich.  We must cut Social Security and Medicare.  It doesn’t matter that those two items are not part of the calculations that contribute to the national debt. They just, plain and simple, do not want people circumventing the crooks in the health insurance industry and wall street.  The government collects the money and pays it out, but it is not part of the budget.  They are trust funds that the Republican’s want to get their hands on, plain and simple.

The defense department is the biggest creator of the deficit.  Its budget has increased 80% since 2008.  We are spending $10 billion a week just in Afghanistan.  Now our goal is “No Safe Haven for El Qaeda.”  That’s gonna be tough when any basement bedroom with an internet connection and a sufficient porn collection will do. We have fires and floods in this country that won’t stop.  Cities and counties are going bankrupt. And the defense department just keeps on spending like there is no tomorrow.  Make the cuts there and leave the teachers alone.

And about these natural gas mines.  Just stop them.  They are bad investments.  Not only that, for what little we get, we are making a whole lot of pollution, not even considering what we are doing to the aquifers.  Those chemicals are so bad, they wouldn’t even tell you what they are injecting into the ground.  Benzene, a known carcinogen, is one of them.  And now the government is rushing to subsidize them, too.  That way you can pay for it twice.  Just stop it, it is that plain and simple.

The “Haves” are out to hurt the “have-nots” in their quest to get it all.  This is coming to a physical fight faster than we would have thought.  The first blow has been struck by the “Haves.”  Now what?