The New York Stock Exchange up for sale in 'stealth deal' with a German company set to aquire 60% of the exchange

Almost stealth like, but slowly and surely, foreign conglomerates are buying the assets of the United States.  It was not until the Soviet Union finally fell that the assets of that country were finally stripped and sold to oligarchs and privatized.  In America, the asset stripping is being done in broad daylight under the noses […]

The military industrial complex speaks out in favor of the private ownership of the means of educational production

According to the Career College Association, a leading lobby group for the for-profit universities that operate like predator drones: “The avalanche of support continues, this time from Brig. Gen. John Castellaw, former deputy commandant of the Marine Corps for programs and resources: “For-profit schools are often the best choice for veterans. Years ago, I attended […]

California Community Colleges decide not to outsource to Kaplan University

Kaplan, the for-profit predatory college whose name keeps popping up when one looks at fraud, misrepresentation, larceny of Title IV funds, theft of student funds, recruitment practices that only parallel the military and many other issues such as poor professors, pre-packaged curriculum and failing colleges has been rebuffed in its plans to privatize part of […]

The Future of College Education

Not only are the for-profit predatory colleges a disservice to the public, they are like private pike in a public lake, threatening to cipher off more and more of the public economic coffers so they can place themselves as the “primary provider” of education while the government entities that provide education at what is supposed to be no cost, sink deeper and deeper into decline becoming then the secondary providers. Sound like the health care debate? It is similar and it is already happening — take California. The University of Phoenix has paid $78.5 million to settle a whistle-blower lawsuit in Sacramento federal court after two former employees pressed the case based on violations of recruitment statutes – even when the federal government left it to them to go it alone and failed to help the case

Who Gets to Decide?

When a stockbroker told Martha Stewart that a stock was going to tank and she said sell it, that action was called “insider trading.” When Sean Connery teamed up with Catherine Zeta-Jones in the film, “Entrapment,” the plot was to insert some computer code into a central bank computer that siphoned off the hundredths of […]