A Reply To The Fosters Of This Country

I wrote a blog about my concerns that between the Tea-Baggers and the Supreme Court, that unless something changes dramatically in the very near future, I fear greatly for this country. The blog was (and entitled) “Short, but not so sweet.”  I snagged one of those selfish bastards I am so worried about.  Because he […]

Understanding Supply Side Capitalism

Part #2 of Understanding Capitalism and Socialism (Part 1) by Joaquin Now that Republicans are starting to talk about restoring Reaganomics, it is a good time to review Reaganomics; i.e., Supply Side Capitalism. This is number two of my technical essays about how the world works. Today we will explore how supply side economics will […]

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education Representatives of the US capitalist class used to be famous for stomping all over the world, putting their feet up on other’s desks and, cigar in mouth, handing orders down to their counterparts in other countries. At home, they believed that there was no labor problem that could not […]