Occupy Wall Street: The View from Davos

  A British acquaintance has sent me a link to one of the background documents to be used when world leaders gather for the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland January 25th through 29th. The document is called Global Risks 2012. It can be downloaded from http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GlobalRisks_Report_2012.pdf The World Economic Forum is a Swiss non-profit corporation […]

The Latin American Revolution (A Your World News Exclusive)

This is a four part audio documentary written by Asad Ismi and produced by Kristin Schwartz. This four-part audio documentary is about the remarkable process of progressive social change taking place in Latin America. Written in 2009 and produced in 2010. Most of the interviews were recorded at the 2009 World Social Forum held in […]