How Far Are We From A Revolution?

Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya, all have one thing in common.  A huge percentage of their population has been oppressed by a minuscule elite.  Beyond high unemployment opportunities and low wages, I readily admit to knowing little of their plight.  However, if it includes policies that produce prodigious numbers of homeless, reduced or impossible access to […]

Defcon 4, How Do You Make An Insurgent?

I have heard a lot of arguments lately as to the reasons why unemployment benefits should not be extended.  Some prominent Republicans are asking if anyone thinks that the US should have an endless dole of public funds, as if unemployment is a “welfare program.”  To me, this indicates that they have never examined, mush […]

German unemployed working class line up for 'vouchers' as the ruling class decides who is 'workshy'

Germany to give vouchers to their jobless citizens instead of unemployment ‘cash’: Authoritarianism on the rise in Europe According to news released today from Mail online from England: “German benefits claimants who do not put enough effort into getting a job are being issued with food coupons and vouchers for clothes and household goods instead […]