Did WaPo Censor Jay Mathew's Blog Post Alleging 'Outrageous Practices' at Kaplan U? EduGate

On Nov 27, 2011 Washington Post education reporter Jay Mathews published the blog post “ 5 reasons for-profit colleges will survive”. In the post  Mathews cited statistics from a Kaplan University press release, misleadingly presenting them as fact and without attributing the source. It was apparent Mathews neither wanted to write the article nor agreed […]

Public Broadcasting or P 'BS'?: The Washington Post moves in on PBS Newshour

  After more than three decades with The Washington Post executive Boisfeuillet (Bo) Jones Jr. has announced he will become President and CEO of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, which produces “PBS Newshour.”  Jones is currently chairman of The Washington Post, the parent company of Kaplan University and Kaplan Tech.   “Newshour” original anchor Jim Lehrer, 77, will leave […]