What Do You Think?

At sixty-eight, I can only pretty much sit and watch this country come apart.  In 1965, I marched on Washington D.C. to end the war in Viet Nam.  In 1968 I helped organize busses to go to Wisconsin to stump for McCarthy in the Greater Milwaukee area.  Today I can only watch and write about […]

An Open Challenge To YOU

Police arresting students at the University of Maryland during the Viet Nam era We demonstrated.  We marched.  We were filmed by the FBI.  Our phones were tapped.  We didn’t care.  We were passionate.  Today all you kids do is blog and tweet.  We got arrested.  Hell, some of us were even shot and killed (Kent […]

Do You Even Care Anymore?

I do not know much of Somalia.  They have been prominently Muslim dating back to the beginning of Islam.  It was a main economic hub for centuries.  The region has been muddled over by foreign governments who drew boundaries to fit their needs, without a clear understanding of the people or their needs.  Various governmental […]

Over Here, Over There, What’s The Dif?

The Nation is horrified.  13 soldiers are killed by a Muslim.  The President offers a eulogy.  Is it terrorism?  Is it an act of war?  Of course it is.  Which? Well both, silly.  What happened here is no different than what happens over in Afghanistan and Iraq every day.  We just do not get to […]