Ellen Brown: US economic reform creates full-employment, renewed infrastructure, and zero national debt

source, with Zeitgeist Addendum video. Attorney and author of the brilliant Web of Debt, Ellen Brown, is among the leading US advocates of monetary reform and state-owned banks. Among Ellen’s articles is one worth highlighting for how quickly a national economy can turn from ruin to astounding productivity: Nazi Germany’s direct creation of money to […]


CENSORED IN 1983: DETAILED USSR NUCLEAR PROPOSAL IGNORED BY THE U.S. When the USSR representatives walk out of arms control talks, President Reagan vilifies them and the U.S. press provides front page coverage to their militant posture. But when the USSR makes a detailed public proposal to remove the threat of nuclear war, it seems […]

Dear America: Welcome to the Third World.

According to Wikipedia, the term “third world” originally described countries that did not align themselves with either the capitalist USA or the communist USSR. As time has marched on and the Soviet Union has disappeared, the definition has changed. This is a definition that seems to describe the modern definition of third-world countries: … nations […]