Teacher Inactivist Man vs. Achievement Gap Woman: Double speak as idiot wind

  Teacher’s wages, student poverty, cuts in educational funds, leaving ‘children behind’, ‘failure to close the ‘achievement gap’ and more sophistry in education all combine to frame the Sophocles tragedy we call ‘educational theatre’.  As you listen to the YouTube tragic-humor found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FOmnG721qo pay close to attention to the language employed, not to mention […]

Dalton Sherman - The 'Michael Jackson' of right wing think tanks and the crypto-fascists who fund them

  Believing is better than asking questions, or so says the ruling class and their lap dogs.  Appealing to irrationality instead of rationality is an old sophist trick refined by Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud.  Initially applied to the Creel reports during World War I, Bernays went on to not only show how […]

Test Scores Fail Students, Teachers, But Remain a Political Prop

The news out of Washington DC offers evidence that calls for test-based teacher evaluations persist, ironically against the weight of evidence: “Sen. Joseph Lieberman is drafting a school reform bill that would tie a portion of federal education dollars to a requirement that states implement robust teacher evaluations, with student test scores being a major […]

Karzai's Police Force: While State Security Forces Across the Middle East Falter, in Afghanistan, NATO Continues to Build.

Karzai’s Police Force: While State Security Forces Across the Middle East Falter, in Afghanistan, NATO Continues to Build. Our perceptions of the future of the middle east and the ability of western states to influence events therein have shifted radically over the course of these historic few weeks. As President Obama proudly proclaimed that Egyptian citizen’s rights must […]

Where's That Guy When We Really Need Him?

In addition to the fees they charge for loans, fees (often 20+%) they charge on credit cards, fees they charge for checking accounts, Bank of America, J P Morgan Chase, U S Bancorp, Citigroup make $20.5 billion off of the use of debit cards.  This $20.5 billion is “free money.” The debit cards automatically transfer […]

On Child Abuse, Therapy, and "Blood to a Vampire."

On Child Abuse, Therapy, and “Blood to a Vampire.” The Business of Child Abuse By Joshua Allen   To misquote WC Fields; “Therapy to a Social Worker is like Blood to a Vampire.” Therapy is the number one tool that Social Workers use to assist Abused and Neglected children through the continuing crisis of past […]

Monitoring schoolchildren

Hundreds of schools have begun monitoring children in the past few year with the United Kingdom intent on stepping up the pace in the new year. Biometrics and CCTV are the most prevalent with many schools in Scotland planning on introducing or expanding schemes in the coming year. New figures reveal that ten primaries and […]

Snitch apps for your cell phone

There are now two ways for Americans to get involved in the war on terror and feel good about reporting their fellow Americans. DriveMeCrazy, developed by Shazam co-founder Philip Inghelbrecht, allows users to report drivers for numerous, minor infractions. The new Patriot App for the iPhone allows users to report anything they find suspicious. Charles […]

Police Brutality in America: A Hip Hop Perspective

Police Brutality in America: A Hip Hop Perspective By: Solomon Comissiong Year by year, nothing tangibly changes in America regarding the deadly issue of rampant police brutality within myriad communities of color. Unarmed black and brown people continue to be systematically brutalized by rogue state sponsored police officers. This issue is far from anything new […]