Stockton and the Politics of Austerity

Stockton and the Politics of Austerity We are marking the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. This is equally the anniversary of the media treachery that justified this crime against humanity. In this light, the votes are in for the Donald Rumsfeld Award for Deception in Media for the first week of April. The […]

Extreme Capitalism - Corporations Merging with the State

Extreme Capitalism – Corporations Merging with the State   Neo-Liberalism, as a capitalist strategy, died in 2008, a victim of the financial Meltdown. This approach to international finance was based in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The essence of neo-liberalism was for governments to stay out of the way and let market […]

Abundance and Apocalypse

Abundance And Apocalypse   Somewhere in the ‘90s, world production crossed the historic line into Economic Abundance. Humans now produce, through the global economy, so much wealth every year that it is no longer necessary for anyone to be impoverished. The UN has long held that the world produces enough food to end hunger forever; […]

Ain't No Middle Class!

Ain’t No Middle Class!   During the campaign season, neither Obama nor Romney, mentioned the words “poverty” or “working class”. Both candidates babbled incessantly about the supposed “middle class” and how they would be creating jobs, presumably “middle class jobs”. Neither the middle class, nor these jobs, actually exist. They are myths, pure and simple. […]

Credit Crisis Explained

Many people including myself are perplexed as to how the credit crisis has been allowed to get so bad.  As part of his thesis work at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Jonathan Jarvis has come up with a great visualisation of the events leading up to the downfall of the U.S. […]