Building a Solidarity Union: What we can learn

From Labor Notes December 10, 2012 / Anna Kurhajec   Learning from those who build movements is crucial!  In this article Anna Kurhajec tells the story of such movement building and what we might learn. Danny Weil Union members in Illinois joined with a local organization to oppose a jail expansion. They’ve discovered that solidarity with […]

Chicago Teacher's Union under attack by right wing blitz and astro-turf organizations

From a Chicago teacher- The profession that I - and thousands of my colleagues and friends have chosen - is being vilified in Chicago, as well as throughout the nation. Well-funded “astroturf” groups have taken out attack ads vs. teachers in Chicago on the radio, and our union is looking for ways to defend us. […]

Santa Monica College: Autocracy, disinformation, censorship, illegal public hearings and student arrests pock mark campus

Picture of student demonstration at SMC on May Day 2012 In 2010 the situation regarding lack of classes at what were once called ‘community colleges’, but are now named junior colleges, became dire.  Lack of classes, “class crashing” (not enough seats and over-enrollment) plagued the college along with a lack of needed class offerings.  Many […]

BAMN: Yvette Felarca, BAMN Presidential Candidate for AFT

The AFT Must Defend Public Education! Act Like a Union! Take Strike Action and Actions in the Streets! Build the New Civil Rights Movement! No New Jim Crow! Arne Duncan Out Now! Elect a Leadership that Fights to Win! We are in an unprecedented situation. We now have a President, who our union uncritically supports, […]

NEA leader says social justice key to teacher unionism

There is little doubt that what American workers need right now are working people’s organizations that can serve as forums for struggle.  This once occured within unions but the union movement in this country has been severely compromised by virulent right wing attacks and a clubby union leadership wishing access to power. Bob Peterson, the […]

Open Letter: Labor Leaders Support the Lakeview Sit-In and People’s School

Dear Brothers and Sisters,   We are writing to declare our support for the parents, teachers, and community member sit-in and People’s School for Public Education at Lakeview Elementary in Oakland, and to urge full labor support and outreach for this fight to keep all Oakland neighborhood schools open, public, and fully funded, and to […]

Why I Am At Occupy Oakland

The “Occupy” movement that is sweeping the nation hit Oakland, California, on Monday. Well over 1000 people turned out in downtown Oakland on a rainy afternoon to kick things off. At the start, different people stood up and spoke about why they were here – the loss of jobs, the rich getting richer while everybody […]

Scores of University of Maryland employees (mostly custodians, housekeepers, and facilities workers) have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse, racial discrimination, physical abuse, and hateful verbal abuse (too name only a few)

On August 18, 2011, the Justice at Maryland Coalition for Workers’ Rights facilitated a Worker’s Panel and Press Conference. This event featured various workers from the University of Maryland who gave their heart-wrenching  testimonials detailing years and years of workplace abuses aimed against them and their co-workers. Listed below are video clips from that event. […]

El Cortito Haunts California Again

The short-handled hoe is alive and well and living in California’s hotels.  The hoe has been reincarnated as flat sheets, instead of fitted, and scrub brushes instead of longer handled scrubbers that permit maids to get up off of their hands and knees. Hotel mattresses, which can weigh up to 150 pounds, must be lifted […]


CENSORED IN 1978: NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS — ATOMIC LEMONS The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), a national public interest group, has for years been trying to tell the story of nuclear hazards to the American public with little success. Last year, the UCS released a report titled “Scientists’ Group Judges Federal Nuclear Safety Inspection Effort” […]