Defcon 4, How Do You Make An Insurgent?

I have heard a lot of arguments lately as to the reasons why unemployment benefits should not be extended.  Some prominent Republicans are asking if anyone thinks that the US should have an endless dole of public funds, as if unemployment is a “welfare program.”  To me, this indicates that they have never examined, mush […]

If you are angry right now, you had best read this…

Everyone is talking about the employment rate, the unemployment rate, and consumer spending.  Census takers are laid off.  People quit looking for jobs that are not there.  Unemployment benefits are being eliminated for millions of unemployed.  There is talk of the recovery being bumpy and slow.  The housing market is worse off than it has […]

Health Care Reform Put on Back Burner

As companies are trying to scale back business costs in this dismal economy, the already suffering workforce in this country are slowly losing their health care.  I’m not even going to mention the ridiculous amount of people in this county without health care.  With an unemployment rate reaching 10% in CA and 8% nationally, more […]