Really, How Much Longer?

I despair for this country.  The rich keep getting richer and things like Arizona refusing to pass on Federal money to the unemployed through extended benefits keep happening to the poor.  The republicans keep going after the old people because even if some old guy swings a rake or something, he won’t hurt anybody.  Take […]

How Far Are We From A Revolution?

Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya, all have one thing in common.  A huge percentage of their population has been oppressed by a minuscule elite.  Beyond high unemployment opportunities and low wages, I readily admit to knowing little of their plight.  However, if it includes policies that produce prodigious numbers of homeless, reduced or impossible access to […]

You Can't Make This Sh*t Up

The first bit of disturbing news came as I tuned into NPR this a.m. Now that cholera is actually spreading into the Dominican Republic, somebody found vaccine that they didn’t know they had. “The Pan American Health Organization has discovered far more vaccine is out there than previously thought.” It is an oral vaccine that […]

Defcon 4, How Do You Make An Insurgent?

I have heard a lot of arguments lately as to the reasons why unemployment benefits should not be extended.  Some prominent Republicans are asking if anyone thinks that the US should have an endless dole of public funds, as if unemployment is a “welfare program.”  To me, this indicates that they have never examined, mush […]

Welfare for the Elite

The first thing to note re the much discussed tax cuts is that they are “BUSH TAX CUTS” and they heavily favor the rich and especially the super rich. Most important is to note that the tax cuts failed to stimulate the economy for the last 10 years. Almost equally important is that the tax […]

It's High Time Hillary Passed Out Lollipops In This Country

Our Secretary of State, H.R. Clinton just promised another one half billion dollars in aid to Pakistan “Aboard her plane from Pakistan, Clinton said U.S. efforts to convince deeply skeptical Pakistanis that American interest in their country extends beyond the fight against Islamist militants appeared to be gaining ground. To boost that shift, she announced […]

Arne Duncan and his privatizing cohorts not invited to the National Educators Association: Duncan and Obama refuse to cut monies from Race to the Top, preferring to let teachers line up for unemployment benefits

  No invite for Secretary of Mis-Education, Arne Duncan at The National Education Association The National Education Association Convention is still going on this week in New Orleans with resolutions remaining be turned in.  What is interesting is that not one of the Obama administration’s cohorts was invited to speak at the convention.  Neither Arne […]

If you are angry right now, you had best read this…

Everyone is talking about the employment rate, the unemployment rate, and consumer spending.  Census takers are laid off.  People quit looking for jobs that are not there.  Unemployment benefits are being eliminated for millions of unemployed.  There is talk of the recovery being bumpy and slow.  The housing market is worse off than it has […]

Censored, You want censored?

I was in the middle of writing about how the express purpose of a particular corporation is to kick people when they are down.  It is a company that is hired by 2/3rds of the Fortune 500 companies, whose job it is to manage ( read that “deny”) unemployment benefits to people when they are […]