California UC Berkeley Chancellor forced to resign! BAMN

The most recent edition of the newsletter for the group, By any Means Necessary (BAMN), is out and posted below.  From issues revolving around affirmative action, immigration, school closings, union struggles, securing LGBT rights, resistance against Emergency Managers, and fighting for universal access to public higher education BAMN has been at the forefront.  Dailycensored has long been an […]

BAMN praises the signing of part of the California Dream Act into law

   Governor Brown has signed AB 130! Now Fight for Passage of AB 131!  The bill gives undocumented students access to private scholarships and signifies a step forward in ending the second-class treatment of undocumented youth in the state of California. “The bill is an important victory for our movement and represents an acknowledgement by theState […]

National Call for March 4 Strike and Day of Action To Defend Public Education

We call on all students, workers, teachers, parents, and their organizations and communities across the country to massively mobilize for a Strike and Day of Action in Defense of Public Education on March 4, 2010. Education cuts are attacks against all of us, particularly in working-class communities and communities of color.

Berkeley's War Criminal Professor Confronted As Activists Protest John Yoo's First Day of Class

The Berkeley Daily Planet reports that four generations of UC Berkeley law school, activists lawyers and community members joined forces at Boalt Hall to Protest John Yoo’s return to campus. The activists, organized by the National Lawyers Guild, World Can’t Wait and Code Pink, demanded that Yoo be prosecuted for writing memorandums that were used […]