FRAQ! I Voted For A Republican

I actually did it, but he is not really a Repubican anymore.  I could have voted for a Democrat who is guaranteed to lose or a raving, lunatic Republican.  Instead I voted for Charlie Crist.  He was a centrist Republican who was too far left for the scary, foot shooters who live around here.  Meek, […]

Message from BAMN: Florida - Less than 60 hours

Rep. Marco Rubio hits the campaign trail this week on a bus tour across the state. This provides an excellent opportunity to personally inform the U.S. Senate candidate, running against Governor Crist, how you feel about SB-6 and how his views will impact your vote in November.

REAL-ID is in big trouble

Americans hate it. The states hate it. Everyone has been balking at the implementation of REAL-ID, the government’s program to create a defacto national ID card masquerading as a new kind of driver’s license. States have been fighting against it since the very beginning. Now, it seems that REAL-ID just might be at death’s door […]