Upcoming Cuts

Someone at NPR finally noticed the connection between the 18,000 jobs/0.1% rise in unemployment and all of the government budget slashing that has been going on.  For a real heads-up, take a look at NASA.  Pretend that the government is shutting down the space program as part of the trillions of dollars of budget cuts […]

Top Student Crisis!: A Call for Trickle-Down Education Reform

The elite minds at The Thomas B. Fordham Institute have unmasked a serious but neglected crisis in education: “[M]any high-achieving students struggle to maintain their elite performance over the years and often fail to improve their reading ability at the same rate as their average and below-average classmates. The study raises troubling questions: Is our […]

What Do Mt. Clemens, MI and James Bond Have In Common?

What Do Mt. Clemens, MI and James Bond Have In Common? Both are victims of “trickle down”/supply side economics. Both are bankrupt. MGM was sold a couple of times. The hapless buyers thought that surely people would collect DVDs of the classics held in the MGM film library. The NPR reporter said, yesterday, that people […]