The Trouble with Social Security

Social Security is in trouble, but to fix it, we need to fix (the) U.S.  Yes, us, the United States.  We (U.S.) are broken and when we fix U.S. we will automatically fix Social Security.  The N Y Times’ story got it almost right. The facts are correct but the conclusions are wrong.  Care must be taken NOT to see the […]

Corporate Greed Gone Global. Toyota Sales & Marketing Spin Control at Congressional hearings today; rings of criminal negligence.

After watching today’s Toyota Hearings with Jim Lentz, President & Cheif Operating Officer of U.S. Toyota; whose primary background, based on his statements today, is Sales & Marketing; There were many things that were glaringly apparent as I watched muttering to myself during the entire hearing. I find it interesting that some say Mr. Lentz […]