Letters from Inside

REMEMBER ME BY WESLEY C. LOGAN Most taxpayer’s of the golden state believe in California politician’s good common sense, in theory, but some how they can’t apply it to your daily lives, their failures are recorded every millisecond on the state budget meter as a constant reminder, something is radically wrong at the state capitol […]

The Fix

Employment, education, and standard of living are all tied together.  People are not buying anything because they have limited funds.  Things are too expensive for the amount of money the people have.   People are going without many things, including the basics.  Because of this lack of purchasing power, few businesses are hiring and most are […]

For-profit predatory colleges and universities prey on the homeless while hedge fund operators get busy shorting the sector's stock: the next big economic bubble

Recruiting by For-Profit Colleges: black bagging the homeless and disenfranchised for a ‘buck’ ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative news service, published an article last Friday, June 9th, and The Chronicle of Higher Education posted a summary of the story and a link to it from The Ticker, their news blog.  But given that the original article was […]