The Folly of a Balanced Budget

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”  It was a plain, no-nonsense bumper sticker, but it says it all.  And, today we discover the cost of ignorance.  There are states that are demanding a “balanced budget amendment” for the federal government.  I understand their frustration.  Largely, however, the problem isn’t how much we are […]

Biodiesel flickers out leaving investors burned

Aletho News | January 5, 2010 The future of biodiesel fuel looks highly uncertain as federal tax credits that provided refiners $1 for every gallon produced expire with the new year. While many fleet vehicles have been manufactured to use the fuel, few will continue to do so since they are convertible to traditional fuel. […]

The truth about California's special election.

The mainstream media, the governor, and all the leaders in the state legislature are currently going along with the extremist right-wing notion that in this special election, the majority of Californians were rejecting tax increases, and wanted spending cut to the bone. This is simply not true, since according to this article and this poll, the majority of Californians were […]