What's Going on With Sunsara Taylor

This is to let everyone know about what’s going on with Sunsara Taylor - and the shameful action on the part of the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC) who have now officially rescinded their invitation to her to speak, this coming Sunday Nov. 1st on “Morality Without Gods.”  See below Sunsara’s statement released yesterday - along with […]

'Best Church of God' Debates Atheist Sunsara Taylor

The last week have been filled with heavy new stories featuring issues like Torture and weighty criticism of President Obama. I’d light to lighten things up by posting this video of a debate between the ‘Best Church of God’ Comedy troupe and atheist and Revolutionary Communist Sunsara Taylor: http://vimeo.com/4322256 -Bill Gibbons “I’m a Truth Addict, aw shit, I […]