Who bombed Judi Bari? It wasn't the government

Picture of Judi Bari’s car after it was bombed A new film produced by Darryl Cherney that white washes the entire Judi Bari saga is out and is being shown next weekend in Sonoma County. Darryl is claiming that he wants an investigation of the 22 year old bombing when in fact he is someone […]

9/11 Ten Years Later

By Terry Morrone It’s been 10 years since our progress towards fascism and constant war was given a big boost by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. My friends and relatives call me a conspiracy theorist, and sometimes a paranoid. I present evidence, and frequently get back in return retorts like: They wouldn’t do […]


CENSORED IN 1991: “JUSTICE” AND THE TRIALS OF AMERICA’S AGENT ORANGE VETS For the second time in the past decade, Vietnam veterans and the families of deceased vets have brought a class-action suit against the manufacturers of the lethal herbicide Agent Orange. Hoping to hold the defense contractors that produced Agent Orange accountable for causing […]

Fox News and John Bolton violate International Law.

By Lew Brown Yesterday in the media, amidst a backwash of junk food stories regaling us with the harrowing experience of Tila Tequila at an Insane Clown Posse concert, more outrage over a planned Mosque somewhere in the general neighborhood of the eternal hole in the ground we call “Ground Zero”, Pakistani weather reports and […]

Breaking the Blockade of Silence - L.A. Art and Advocacy for the Cuban 5

By Diana Block, International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five How do you break through the twelve-year blockade of silence that has kept five Cuban political prisoners invisible to the American public?  How can art transcend U.S. prison walls and present the truth about these men, locked up in five distant prisons scattered […]


CENSORED IN 1991: THE SPECTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM No one segment of society should have a monopoly on clean air, clean water, or a clean workplace; nor should any one segment be targeted for society’s wastes. Nevertheless, some individuals, neighborhoods, and communities are forced to bear the brunt of the nation’s pollution problem. People of […]

De'Von Burt, Detroit student leader, speaks out!

I don’t agree with the ideology of charter schools and what they can do. I have been a proud BAMN student organizer in BAMN for at least 8 months now (since October, 2009 and present) and I’m doing my best to defend public education. Another thing about BAMN is that they support student activism; I do also!


By Saul Landau Scandals distract the public from focusing on key issues. Sometimes, however, they also provide insights into the character of leading cultural and political figures — and their institutions. When the story finally broke — after perhaps centuries of cover-ups — about priests abusing youthful members of their flock I smirked, not of […]


CENSORED IN 1981: THE MILITARY’S UNKNOWN A-WASTE AT HANFORD Radioactive waste is building daily throughout the United States and the government doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. The failure of the media to fully address the issue of increasing radioactive waste qualifies this story for nomination as the #3 censored story of […]