Their Push Is Relentless.

Every once in a while you hear a sound bite of truth.  KQED announced this a.m. that Barbara Boxer said that Social Security would be better tweaked now to fix it for later on, but it is not in major difficulty and could continue to pay out for the next quarter century before change is […]

Life’s Little Ironies

Eliot Spitzer was about to break open a financial scandal that would have exposed widespread governmental/Wall Street corruption. All of a sudden it appeared that this savvy person appeared to have committed a really bone headed mistake. OR, the frame could have been so pat that denying it would have been futile. Especially, if worse […]

New RFID in cell phones aims to get access to your social networks

There are several new phones coming out next year that will have RFID stickers on them, enabling you to pay for your purchases with just a swipe of your cell phone. It all sounds convenient until you learn that retailers want access to your cellphones and social networks for marketing purposes. When users pay for […]

Kitty Poop

The fight is incredible and it is over plastic bags in the stores- namely grocery stores.  I do not mind bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.  Even though  plastic bags are recyclable, a huge number of them end up in our oceans and the results are not nice.  If you are really interested, there […]

The New Soylent Green Economy

  ‘Dead janitors’ or ‘dead peasants’ insurance: corporations buy secret non-disclosed life insurance policies on their workers when workers ‘give up the ghost’  There is nothing that is sacred under the organized system of greed known as capitalism. Everything produced and sold under the ruthless arrangement that puts profits before people must be commodified and […]