This was written fourteen years ago before NCLB and he criminal Bush presidency.  I post it now in the interest of ciritcal debate and dialogue. WORLD CLASS STANDARDS?: WHOSE WORLD, WHICH ECONOMIC CLASSES AND WHAT STANDARDS? If educational goals and core values are developed by a few  educators in isolation from their communities, no matter how […]

COUCHING THE STANDARDS DEBATE IN HISTORICAL TERMS: Developing a dialectical understanding of the standards debate through historical awareness

The need to couch the standard’s debate within historical context and develop a Marxist analysis of the role of capitalism and schooling is essential.  Too much time has been expended fighting standards for almost one century.  It is time to understand that capitalism has no interest in education of its population.  For its administrators and […]

Zombie Functionalism and the Return of Neo-Instrumentality in Education

by Danny Weil  First printed: August 7th, 2012 at: also, Truthout: Tuesday, 25 September 2012 10:46 This article is part of Truthout’s ongoing Public Intellectual Project. For decades now, the debate in America over education has swerved back and forth between student testing, teacher accountability, standards, competitiveness and what curriculum should contain. With No […]

LAUSD/UTLA Pushing Value Added Model VAM: Neo-instrumentality and zombie functionalism

I read the article that follows below earlier this week and had to agree with much of what is stated.  The Value Added Model of Education (VAM) — notice the clever use of the words ‘value’ and ‘added’ — this would have made Orwell’s head jerk for it is this type of doublespeak that we find […]