Connecting the Dots: The Picture Is Ugly

The political season of 2012 will once again offer a blur of dots that few will bother to connect because the resulting picture is ugly—a disturbing caricature of the real American character beneath the political veneer and behind the empty discourse. In South Carolina, as the Republican primary approaches, TV ads for Ron Paul promote […]

“I Don’t Believe That”: Reforming the Debate to Reform Education

I have been an avid cyclist for almost thirty years now, riding as much as 10,000 miles each year. For many of those years, I have also shaved my head, resulting in hours and hours outside in adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold, rain, and even sleet and snow. When my mother-in-law was alive, […]

Our Debate Culture—Someone Wins, but Never the Truth

Recently, a colleague asked a few other professors and me to participate in a student debate as part of his first year seminar. Our role in the debate was to evaluate the debate, and of course, choose a winning side. During the debate, I came to recognize something about the debate itself, the college freshmen […]