Critical thinking and the unschooled mind

The following was written in 1995 and is posted here for readers.  How profundly to the right this country has moved since that time; all to the detriment of our citizenry and children.  For this reason, critical thinking and critical pedagogy must be emphasized once again.  As long as the testing regime is in place, […]

Star Wars: a false flag story; US-Iran (1953-1988): false flag reality

video here. A false flag attack is when a nation attacks in disguise. The purpose is to fool the public who otherwise wouldn’t support a criminal War of Aggression. The desired outcome for false flag attacks is control over other governments and their resources. The brilliant 10-minute video from CameronFanSite walks you through the plot […]


By Saul Landau Americans have descended into a legal drug culture, while simultaneously retaining the “illegal” one – at great expense. But the government responds by denying the evidence its own agencies produce. Last month, a funding “highlights” of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) showed how the Obama administration had decided to […]


On September 27, Cuban state television aired a new kind of Reality Show featuring a strange “black hat” as people call the bad guys in the old oaters. Francisco Chavez Abarca, a Salvadoran neuvo-method actor, played the role of Luis Posada Carriles’ top ranch hand – only he didn’t wear a six-gun or challenge John […]

Fighting for the California Dream Act- BAMN

MAKE THE CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT A REALITY ON OCT. 1, 2010: GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER – DO NOT VETO OUR DREAM THIS YEAR! STATEWIDE DAY OF ACTION MONDAY, SEPT. 27TH …Boycott, March, Rally Defend Public Education! • Stop the Resegregation of Higher Education • End Discriminatory Admissions and Financial Aid Policies—Give California’s Majority Minority Students Equal Access […]

Anti-intellectualism in America

  The Nazis who posed as intellectual heavyweights read National Inquirer-type literature as they decided on death camps: Anti-intellectualism in America George W. Bush liked to spout off and boast about how he did not like to read the newspaper or even read at all.  Sarah Palin could not tell a piece of literature from […]

Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” and the Crisis of Capitalism

It has been three years since Naomi Klein’s book, “The Shock Doctrine – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” was published. Since that time, capitalism’s economic crisis has metastasized, and part of Klein’s analysis has proven extremely useful in understanding much of the response of the capitalist politicians. Another part of her analysis has also been […]

There is a thing about "Opinions."

I have got to answer JFoster My mother warned me about arguing or discussing with certain kinds of people, but there was entirely too much disinformation in one comment to ignore.  And lastly, I have to say that people who think they know everything are a real pain in butt to those of us who […]

Neurobiology of Censorship?

I have been pondering what constant exposure to mainstream media may do to an individual’s brain. Will exposure to endless soundbites and predigested information literally change the way the brain is forming and therefore functioning? Could this shift how societies perceive reality? Absolutely. Jason Bradford breaks down the brain science of this current reality in […]