Kaplan Kids becomes the Official Sponsor of Disney Live!!!!! Mickey's Music festival and Phineas and Ferb: The Best live tour ever

Premier Educational Provider Partners with the Premier Live Family Entertainment Producer to Support Family Events Nationwide from August 2012 to February 2013 You can’t make this stuff up and it is tough to even keep up with it in real time.  As I have written, Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been and will be entering […]

Work Week Radio

WorkWeek Radio 7/9/2012 http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20120709- Lake View Elementary Privatization And The Fight  To Protect Public Education Jack Gerson, former Castlemont High School Teacher and OEA elected representative to the CTA in Studio Bob Mandel, retired Oakland School District Adult School Teacher and formerly on Oakland Education Association Executive Board in studio Mike Elk-Labor Reporter for In […]

Award Winning Flashpoints Radio Show Under Threat by KPFA Management

Award Winning Flashpoints Radio Show Under Threat by KPFA Management By Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff The Flashpoints radio program is being directly threatened with closure by station management. Budget cuts implemented by KPFA management; reduce staff time for Flashpoints by some 75 hours per week. Flashpoints, an award winning national radio program, originates at […]

China is not the only Censored Country

President Barrack Obama has recently asked the Chinese government to relax their grip on internet access. It seems that many high ranking Chinese officials are concerned that their own citizens might find something less than favorable about happenings in Beijing on the web – either that or President Obama wants the Chinese people to see […]