Students at the University of Maryland talk social issues, about racism and oppression

Published on Apr 15, 2012 by YourWorldNewsMedia These college students from the University of Maryland sit down for an extremely candid interview regarding a range of social issues society is plagued with, including institutional racism, sexism, white supremacy, the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, the American political scam of a two party system, and […]

May Day: The University of Maryland Public Workers air grievances regarding despicable working conditions, racism, sexism, patronage and cronyism

  Picture of Maryland University forum held by Black Faculty and Staff Association to address public workers’ concerns, April 26, 2011  In the public sector of our society, to take one example within public universities, the school administration is the ‘managerial class’ that oversees education and all the workers who labor within the public university […]

Texas: Patriot Group and Denis Calabrese

Patriot Group and the Destruction of Teacher Unions: Denis Calabrese I wanted to include this bit of right-wing rabid fascism and racism for all readers to see what we are up against in corporate America.  What follows is the raving of a semi-literate, anti-humanist who seeks to control children and their access to their world […]