By Elaine Leede Recently, I have seen a lot written on whether juveniles convicted of violent crimes should be given life sentences without parole. At this moment, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering the question of whether such a sentence is cruel and unusual punishment, forbidden by the Constitution. Some believe that this might be […]

Bradley Manning: Torture Victim?

Over the past few months, with the crisis in Japan, endless budget debates, and NATO bombings in Libya, very little media attention has been given to the steady trickle of Wikileaks releases and related stories. Nonetheless, one important news story, mostly overlooked by the main stream media, has been the alleged torture by the U.S. […]

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners-Forced to Wear Diapers and Not Letting Inmates Change for Extended Periods of Time The author of  “Buried Alive: Long Term Isolation in California’s Youth and Adult Prisons” Laura Magnani reports “a new low in dehumanization” in which prison authorities have cut off the water in some prisoner’s toilets […]

Letters from Inside

REMEMBER ME BY WESLEY C. LOGAN Most taxpayer’s of the golden state believe in California politician’s good common sense, in theory, but some how they can’t apply it to your daily lives, their failures are recorded every millisecond on the state budget meter as a constant reminder, something is radically wrong at the state capitol […]