Investing in for-profit college stocks: public pension funds aid and abet corporate crime

The featured image is a picture of the home of the Murphys.  It is for sale for $27 million.  Mr. Murphy helped start the University of Phoenix.  You, the reader, bought his house through donating tax money for his exorbitant salary, while he captained the decimation of student lives and the American economy.  Murphy and […]

Public workers must unite, state by state to fight off the neo-liberal austerity programs of the ruling class: AFSCME supports Detroit Teacher Unions

Public sector workers unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains I just received an e-mail from Michael Mulholland, Secretary-Treasurer AFSCME Local 207 in Detroit.  AFSCME, or the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is  an important union, for they are working in collaboration with the Detroit teacher’s union in an attempt […]

Teacher pension funds face massive cuts and vampire banksters

Teachers pensions next:  Sorry, we can’t pay you!  Deficits too high! A recent study by the conservative Manhattan Institute and the right wing Foundation for Educational Choice (the right wing Milton and Rose Friedman foundation), was released by the Manhattan Institute on April 30, 2010.  It has claims that teacher pension liabilities for all 50 […]

Cuckholded: public pension funds part two

Cuckholded part two: Public pension plans to be decimated Unless working people follow the example of those hit in Greece with IMF austerity measures, current and coming generations of people in the United States will work longer for less.  Those who work for the public sector are seeing an all out ruling class attack on […]