Santa Monica College fights privatization: Anti-privatization conference held for 112 Community Colleges serving 260,000 students in the State of California

picture of some of the signs students at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles made for their campout at the college on April 30th after facing administrative and police harrassment Community colleges across California are facing the wrath of privatization efforts by reactionary forces, most notably for-profit colleges and their surrogates, the corporate media and […]

Colleges and universities transformed into mini-investment banks for private capital construction loans while students and faculty pay the socialized costs through higher tuition and lower wages and benefits

Picture of Harvard University Part One   I have been following the cascading financial crisis with some interest especially as it pertains to the business of higher education — and what a business it is!  The Wall Street ‘crisis’, or bankster fraud, has not only changed the economic geography of Wall Street, housing, credit, health […]

Detroit Teachers say 'NO' to privatization and a state takeovers of public schools

Picture of Robert Bobb, Chief Financial Administrator and Eli Broad henchman along with David Bing, conservative mayor of Detroit and an employee of corporate Houghton Mifflin discussing their privatization efforts.   Press Release                                      For Immediate Release Detroit Federation of Teachers Stop the Legislative Attack on Underfunded School Districts! Picket MI State Rep. Fred Durhal’s Detroit […]

Report on March and Rally to Defend Public Education and where we go from here in our struggles

Readers- As you know I have spent a great deal of time bringing you the news regarding the efforts of ‘By any Means Necessary’, or BAMN ( and their efforts to stop privatization city by city, but especially in Detroit.  I have done this for the purpose of letting readers know about the struggles against […]