Concentration Camps in America

  First he tried to have inmates pay for their own meals (  That was back in March of this year. In Arizona, Maricopa County inmates get two meals a day.  Now the jails will dish up only vegetarian meals for the prisoners in Maricopa County, Arizona where Sherriff Joe Arpaio runs a theatre of […]

White Supremacists work hand in hand with for-profit prisons

From: Anti-fascist researcher, David Emory COMMENT: In recent posts, we have exam­ined indi­ca­tions of col­lu­sion between cor­rec­tions offi­cers in the United States and neo-Nazi/white suprema­cist prison gangs. We have also high­lighted col­lu­sion between Ger­man intel­li­gence and neo-Nazi net­works in that country. Two recent sto­ries sup­ple­ment that research, indi­cat­ing yet again that there are omi­nous […]

Michelle Alexander: US Prisons and The New Jim Crow: Today in the era of colorblindness a new racial caste system has emerged

1901 picture of a ‘chain gang’ in Virginia. On so-called ‘independence day’ it is important to keep in mind what litigator-turned-legal-scholar Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow (, argued at an event at Demos February 18, 2010: that is that we have not ended racial caste in America, we have simply redesigned it. […]

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners-Forced to Wear Diapers and Not Letting Inmates Change for Extended Periods of Time The author of  “Buried Alive: Long Term Isolation in California’s Youth and Adult Prisons” Laura Magnani reports “a new low in dehumanization” in which prison authorities have cut off the water in some prisoner’s toilets […]